What you should know abort TELEMARKETING FRAUD
First of all, most telephone sales calls are made by legitimate businesses offering legitimate products or services. But wherever honest firms search for new customers, so do swindlers. Phone fraud is a multi-billion dollar business that involves selling everything from bad or non-existent investments to the peddling of misrepresented products and services. Everyone who has a phone is a potential victim.
Secondly, there is no way to positively determine whether a sales call is on the up and up simply by talking with someone on the phone. They have ready answers for all questions. You should check out all the organizations that are unknown before you actually buy or invest. Also, phone swindlers are likely to know more about you than you know about them. Depending on where they got your name in the first place, they may know your age and income, health and hobbies, occupation and marital status, education, the home you live in, what magazines you read, and whether you've bought by phone in the past. Moreover, fraudulent sales callers are skilled liars and experts at verbal camouflage. Their success depends on it.
Finally, the person who "initiates" the phone call may be you. It's not uncommon for phone crooks to use direct mailings and advertise in reputable publications to encourage prospects to make the initial contact. It's another way swindlers imitate the perfectly acceptable marketing practices of legitimate businesses. Thus, just because you may have written or phoned for "additional information" about an investment, product, or service doesn't mean you should be any less cautious about buying by phone from someone you don't know.
And what is obvious, victims of phone fraud seldom get their money back – or, at best, no more than a few cents on the dollar.

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